Lions KidSight MD5M Canada

When we think of vision loss, many of us think of a person with hair that is grey and skin that is tired and wrinkled.  We live in a very advanced medical system and sight is often seen as a concern of the elderly or of those less fortunate who suffered an accident of loss.  We rarely think that vison issues are a concern of the young. But that couldn’t be more wrong. Childhood vision issues are common.  

Lions Foundation of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, and the Clubs they are supported by, offer a quick, simple screening program to detect sight issues in children. In a matter of minutes, a child’s parent or caregiver can know if a follow up with an eye care professional is recommended.

This past year the Foundation purchased a highly specialized camera that is able to detect sight issues easily and quickly for kids aged six months to six years.  Most of the vision issues detected during this age are reversible with very simple intervention.  Without early detection these issues are often far more difficult to correct and sight may be affected for the rest of the child’s life.