Lions Eye Bank

Our Mission

The MISSION of the LIONS EYE BANK OF MANITOBA AND NORTHWEST ONTARIO INCORPORATED, is to maintain professional staff to procure (remove), process, and distribute human donor eye tissue for surgical transplantation in recipients of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario, as well as providing tissue for surgical training and for medical research.

Goals and Objectives

  • To introduce, organize and conduct educational and public awareness programs dealing with the importance and benefit of sight conservation.
  • To obtain pledges for the donation of human eye material upon the decease of the donor.
  • To encourage and support research activities related to improvements in enucleation, preservation, and transplantation of human eye material.
  • To follow policies and procedures for quality assurance, as set out by the EYE BANK ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA and the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.
  • To assist, when necessary, persons with special needs with regards to treatment or procedures relating to eye disease or other recommended treatments concerning sight, as may be set out in its articles of incorporation.

Fact Sheet

Provide funding assistance for:

  • Adaptive technology for visually impaired
  • Eye exams and eyewear
  • Promote the importance of becoming a donor to reduce wait lists for corneal transplants
  • Provide necessary equipment to health facilities
  • Support LEB Medical Lab and Misericordia Health Centre