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Lions Children’s Hearing Education & Resource Centre


The Lions Hearing Foundation of Manitoba & Northwest Ontario is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive hearing related services to individuals and communities by providing hearing aids to those in need as well as establishing the Lions Children’s Hearing Education & Resource Centre.


To meet the needs of those requiring specialized surgery, hearing aids and to provide a centre for families to gain information and support in a comprehensive and unbiased manner for their child who is Deaf, deaf, or hard of hearing.


All children, including who are Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing have a common right for effective communication. Each child learns differently, and there is not one single approach to development and education for the child.

Education & Resource Centre

This centre is to be located in Winnipeg, Manitoba with outreach services to rural Manitoba. The centre will focus on providing information, parent education and support groups and counseling for families of children with hearing loss, especially those who are newly identified. It is expected that through the provision of support and education about hearing loss and unbiased information regarding communication options and services that it will be possible to have a direct and positive effect on the well-being of the children who are Deaf, deaf or hard of hearing, and their families.

Lions Hearing Foundation appreciated the collaborative effort of Dr. Sharen Ritterman, Doctor of Audiology.

We are pleased to note, all professional efforts in creating this program is on a volunteer basis because of the strong belief an commitment to establishing this program. The Lions Hearing Foundation is able to provide the necessary space as well as equipment and administrative abilities.

It is our hope that you too, will see the significance of establishing this particular program to meet the needs that are not currently provided.

It is with the interest, passion and dedication of many professionals that allows us to work together.